Eco-Solutions can recommend and implement energy upgrades and repairs to improve your home's efficiency, such as insulation, water heaters, high efficiency heating and cooling equipment and pool pumps. Your best opportunities for improvement are outlined in the detailed report that comes with the Home Energy Evaluation or can be purchased individually.

Some of our most common projects include:

Proper insulation allows your home to retain heat and maintain temperature. We will recommend what kind and quantity of insulation you need for your family's comfort and for energy efficiency.

High Efficiency Water Heaters
High Efficiency Water HeatersYou can significantly reduce your monthly water heating bills by selecting the appropriate water heater for your home.

High Efficiency Heating/Cooling Systems
Heating and cooling equipment uses more energy and money than any other system in your home. Advances in heat exchangers, refrigerants and other HVAC technologies in recent years have greatly improved the operating efficiency of heating and cooling systems, saving you money and easily maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Air Sealing
Most homes have small cracks and holes where the air you paid to heat or cool leaks outside. Eco-Solutions thoroughly seals your building envelope to keep conditioned air in and dust, mold and allergens out.

Duct Sealing
Duct Sealing and Repair
If your furnace is frequently turning on and off, or if you have some rooms that are too hot or cold—these are signs that your ducts may be leaking or are poorly designed. Sealing ducts can help improve indoor air quality by reducing the risk of pollutants entering ducts and circulating through your home.

Solar Thermal
Solar thermal systems allow you to harness the power of the sun to both heat water and your home. Eco-Solutions can recommend a system for your home.

Solar Electric
Converting sunlight into electricity lowers energy costs and reduces dependence on rising rates.

Pool Pumps
Replacing your old pool pump with a properly programmed high efficiency, variable speed model can dramatically reduce your electric load.

Energy Star Appliances
Of all the appliances in your home, washers, dryers and refrigerators use the majority of the total appliance bill (nearly 90%). Eco-Solutions can recommend more efficient models for you.

Window Replacement
Replacing single pane windows in your house with double pane, low emissivity (low-e) windows reduces outside noise and drafts. Eco-Solutions recommend a more efficient window design for your home.

Residential Solar

Residential Solar

Eco-Solutions designs and installs electricity generation (PV) systems for single and multi-family homes. Solar electric (PV) power generation systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. They reliably produce electricity without producing pollution.

A residential solar system enables a homeowner to generate and offset their daily electrical energy demand and exchange daytime excess power production for future energy needs (i.e. nighttime usage). The house remains connected to the electric utility grid at all times, so any power required above what the solar system can produce is simply drawn from the utility. These systems can also include battery backup, or un-interruptible power supply (UPS) capability to operate selected circuits in the residence for hours or days during a utility outage.

Our solar electric systems come with a standard 5 year installation warranty, up to 25 years fully transferable manufactures production warranties and designed to produce power for a home in excess of 30 years. The solar collectors, which are typically mounted on the roof, are made of a hail resistant material to prevent damage and are designed to withstand winds in excess of local wind codes.

Solar electric systems are "sized" based on the requested volume (KWh) of utility based electricity a client wants to offset. The energy produced by these systems can be monitored by a graphical interface placed within the home or directly through the Internet.

System Benefits
Inspections Installing a solar system during new home construction enables the builder to provide an energy efficient home with minimal additional monthly cost to the home owner. Solar systems may also qualify a home for an EPA Five-Star Home Energy-Efficiency Mortgage, LEED certification or as a Zero Energy Home (ZEH) . Solar systems are also excellent for the reduction of power costs to both the elderly and government funded housing projects. Between 15% to 100% of an electric bill can be offset using solar energy systems. The typical system is designed to offset between 15% to 40% of a standard homes monthly energy consumption.

Net Metering
Some utility companies have net metering programs, which further enhance the economics of solar systems. Net metering means that when a system generates more electricity than needed, the excess goes to the utility grid and the meter spins backwards. In some cases this excess power can then be sold to the utility company or traded for future credit on an individual's utility bill.

Rebates & Incentives
The U.S. government provides an unlimited 30% tax credit towards the installation of solar electric (PV) systems in residential applications. That is 30% of the systems cost (including taxes) that can be directly subtracted from your tax liability. In addition, property tax exemptions can be claimed for the increases in property value as a result of the solar electric system.

Service Contracts
Eco-Solutions offers long term maintenance service contracts that can be purchased at the time of new system installation or on existing systems. Our service contracts enable the homeowner to ensure the continual performance of their systems beyond the time standard warranties, for as little as $200 per year.

Typical Install Cost
Please contact Eco-Solutions for a no obligation consultation and assessment of your homes electrical consumption and we will be happy to build your solar system and supply you with a quote.

Commercial Solar


Carbon emissions or greenhouse gases from traditional power sources increase the incidence of respiratory illnesses like asthma. Plus they promote global warming, climate change, as well as contamination of air and water. By converting to 100% clean Solar Power Systems your business will demonstrate its commitment to preserving the environment for future generations and create a positive public image.

Solar not only improves the environment by utilizing renewable energy, it also becomes a great financial investment. Installing a photovoltaic solar system on your office or industrial building will save you money by raising your Net Operating Income.

Eco-Solutions can provide assistance for every aspect of a solar project for your commercial office or facility.

  • Schematic System Design and Engineering
  • Project Consulting
  • Agency Permit Assistance
  • Project Financing
  • Equipment Procurement Service
  • Return on Investment and Cash-Flow Forecast

Today, the federal government is offering 30% in tax credits or grants for converting to solar energy, as well as allowing your company to depreciate the full cost of the system over only 5 years.

Some commercial enterprises are afraid their current premises aren't suitable for solar panel installations and that they might require expensive structural adjustments. We have the expertise and technology to customize your Solar Systems to suit your facility and needs (rooftop, ground, parking lot structure panels with monocrystalline, polycrystalline or thin film and inverters enclosed inside or outside your building). Moreover our turnkey services take care of all the permits, applications, installation, monitoring and maintenance for a totally problem-free and satisfying experience.

Why Solar Power?

Our government is now funding the majority of the cost of a Solar System. The reason that our government is willing to distribute money towards the implementation of energy systems from renewable sources is that the majority of electricity is produced by burning coal, natural gas and oil. The process of converting oil to electricity is destroying our environment. In addition, it would be beneficial for our country to produce electricity from the sun rather than to have to purchase oil from foreign nations.

Allow Eco-Solutions to install a Solar System so that you will become your own energy provider. Further, Eco-Solutions will assist in reducing your energy consumption significantly. Not only can you increase your earnings, cash flow and savings, but we'll also help showcase your commitment to a healthy environment.