Pest Control

Inspections ECO-SOLUTIONS provides protection and inspections services for most common home-invading pests, including ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, spiders, fleas, silverfish, etc. We also provide an inspection for termites and carpenter ants which are wood destroying pests.

ECO offers quality pest control services that effectively eliminates pest problems involving several things:

1. It involves a complete and thorough inspection to determine pest hiding places and entry points.
2. It involves a thorough understanding of the targeted pests biological nature.
3. It involves careful consideration of all alternative control measures chemical and non chemical.
4. It involves a specific targeted treatment that eliminates the places where pests hide, stops them from breeding and stops future pests from getting inside your home.

Lead Based Paint

Eco-Solutions performs lead based paint investigations (surveys), project design/specifications, air monitoring, and abatement oversight.

Inspections Eco-Solutions focus of service in the area of lead based paint is how to safely and economically deal with lead based paint issues while maintaining regulatory compliance. Lead occurs as both a natural element found in the ground (or as dust in the air) and as part of manmade materials. Eco-Solutions approach to the lead issue is focused on keeping abreast of current regulatory changes and advising their clients with respect to compliance and potential lead health and/or legal related problems.

For detecting lead based paint where the paint is not to be left in place, such as for demolition or renovation, physical samples are taken as well as using the XRF Lead Analyzer.

Once a lead based paint hazard has been identified, baseline lead in air or soil samples will be taken to give an indication as to the exposure assessment, and this information will be an important component in determining how specifications will be structured. Eco-Solutions will often recommend that waste disposal characterization occur at this time. This is accomplished by taking representative samples of the building components and submitting them for analysis by Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Profile (TCLP).

The information is then compiled; the results are documented in customized reports detailing building description, locations, quality, condition, and identification. Sample lead based paint location maps, identification charts, abatement options and cost estimates, along with photographs, are frequently included. Eco-Solutions will make recommendations as to how best handle a lead based paint issue based on cost, client goals, future renovation and/or demolition plans, and the condition and location of material.


Inspections Eco-Solutions specializes in microbial investigations, project design, and remediation strategies. Our goal is to assist clients in evaluating the cause and extent of loss in complex situations. Complex projects may include situations which involve several potential causative events, require creative remediation design, involve immune compromised individuals, and/or may involve multiple environmental issues.

Eco-Solutions focus of service in the microbial issue is on understanding the needs and goals of their clients. Effective decisions are then developed balancing the client's goals and advising them with respect to compliance and potential mold health and/or legal related