We provide initial inspections on both commercial and residential properties to ascertain the current condition of a property and to determine a detailed scope of work to be generated from our assessment. We focus our report on the property and meeting your specific needs. We provide a comprehensive, informative report with extensive, annotated digital photos with date stamps to document property conditions and concerns.  We deliver most resulting reports within 24 hours of the completion of the property inspection by uploading the report to a secure web site and forward links to the report via email.

Types of Inspections:

Occupancy Determination
The primary purpose of this inspection service is to determine who, if anyone, is occupying the property. The full names, contact phone numbers, any rental information (if applicable), agent or property manager information and the number of units will be provided, if it can be determined at the time of inspection. The property condition and any existing or potential conditions that could affect the value of the premises will also be provided.>

Property Condition Inspection – Commercial & Residential
This inspection service includes a direct visual observation of the property to determine the overall condition and potential occupancy status of the property. Eco-Solutions will determine if there are any existing or potential conditions that could impact the value of the property. Property condition inspections can be completed on either a contract or no-contract basis.

Routine Inspections – Commercial & Residential
Eco-Solutions can automatically generate a list of loans to be sent out on a weekly or biweekly inspection cycle until the property is sold. This allows the client to stay in compliance with regulations without having to request an inspection every week.

Foreclosure Inspection – Commercial & Residential
Inspector will determine the overall physical condition of the property and occupancy status of the property. Contact can be made during this inspection. Observable damages are reported: property secured status - secured or not secured, utility status - active or not active and other maintenance needed sections are important for this type of inspection.

Services typically include changing entry lock or keyway, locking all windows and doors, winterizing to the applicable specification and maintaining the grounds, when in season.

Lock Change
Under this property preservation service, ECO-SOLUTIONS will change the lock(s) at the property to the key code according to the regulatory requirements for the loan type, unless otherwise instructed. No additional property preservation will be completed under this order, unless otherwise specifically requested.

Secure Pool
For this property preservation service, ECO-SOLUTIONS will secure the pool or hot tub at the property according to the regulatory requirements for the loan type. This could include decking, screening, pumping water out of the pool, chemical treatment and padlocking the pool gate, if required.

Board Property
Board to Area Specifications
Under this property preservation service type, any broken windows found at the property will be boarded or re-glazed according to the area regulatory requirements for the loan type. Please note, some area regulations may require boarding and/or screening of all windows, regardless of their condition.


This property preservation service authorizes Eco-Solutions to winterize the plumbing at the property, to prevent freeze damage, according to the regulatory requirements for the loan type. Lines are completely blown & drained and non-toxic antifreeze added to plumbing lines to prevent damage.

Debris Removal

Debris Removal

This property preservation service authorizes Eco-Solutions to remove interior, exterior or hazardous debris at the property as authorized by client request or the regulatory specifications for the loan type. If the debris for any loan type, cannot be removed for the published reimbursable fee, an estimate will be provided. Our services range from small jobs like cleaning out attics, basements and garages to complete property clean-outs involving the removal of all the contents of a particular home or structure. We take the garbage to a D.E.P approved landfill. We also recycle metal and cardboard when possible and take quality secondhand goods and surplus building materials to charities and non-profit organizations.

Debris Removal


Eco-Solutions will perform the necessary lawn maintenance to maintain the property's appearance, prevent further degradation to the grounds and relieve the property of any existing or potential violation of local ordinance.  Lawn cutting includes mowing the lawn, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings and incidental debris. The disposal of all clippings and incidental debris is removed in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.  ECO also provides an automatic grass cut program, where we will maintain the grounds at the property according to the applicable regulatory guidelines for the loan type. We will continue maintaining the grounds at the property until instructed to remove the property from the program or maintenance is no longer required, as specified by the regulatory specifications for the loan type and/or client profile.